Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. – Review

Today I’m going to be talking about Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. I’ll be trying three of their products that I found at my local Metro. What makes this coffee special is that it is the result of 18 hours of brewing coffee beans in cold water. And it’s Canadian-made!

Be advised, the following information is for die-hard coffee lovers only.

Let’s start with “The Stubby”.


This bottled wonder has a strong taste and a syrupy texture. It has a darker colour than the other two beverages I’ll be reviewing.


Please note, if you’re not a serious coffee lover, I don’t recommend you try the above beverage.

Next up, is the Nitro Coconut (which is infused with nitrogen). You have to shake the can and pour it out in order to get the full caffeinated experience.


Once poured, this beverage has a soft, creamy texture with a light taste. The coconut flavour is extremely mild and the coffee smells wonderful. It has a lovely amber colour.


Finally, we come to the last beverage: Nitro Moka. Like the second drink, this one is also infused with nitrogen.


Moka has a light texture, but the strong bite of coffee is still there.



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