Well.ca – Review

Tired of Amazon Canada’s painfully slow shipping? Tired of gluten-free packages coming smashed or crushed in the mail? Are you a Celiac trying to not shop at several different grocery stores just to get what you need?

Well my friend, search no further.

Legend tells of a wonderful Canadian website, with fast shipping that delivers in one to a maximum of four days in Canada (US orders take longer, sorry). It carries everything from gluten-free candles to gluten-free protein powder. A one stop online shop for chocolates, baking mixes, pasta…pretty much anything for the pantry.

What is this magical place you ask? It’s a mystical website know only as “Well.ca”.

The Pros:

-Good selection of gluten-free goodies

-Shipments arrive in one piece (They’re beating Amazon by a mile. If you have Celiac disease, never order from Amazon Canada.)

-Free shipping on orders over $35 dollars Canadian

-Lots of Canadian brands and products (support your local economy!)

The Cons:

-Prices are high

-Problems with product labeling; products that are gluten-free are often not labelled as such on the website. Do your gluten-free research before hand and look for brands that you KNOW are gluten-free.

-No frozen or refrigerated foods

Before I close this review, I want to highlight a few key items. One of my favourite products from the website is Woodlot’s gluten-free Cinder candle. It smells like a warm cabin fire and will calm you the minute you inhale its wonderful scent. If you’re interested in food, try Namaste’s muffin and scone mix or Cocoa Camino’s Intensely Dark Hot Chocolate mix. The website also carries gluten-free laundry detergent, medications and other eco-friendly housewares. If you’re looking to make your pantry shopping easier, or if you’re looking for some gluten-free gifts, Well.ca is definitely worth a try!


[Please note that the Well.ca logo comes directly from the Well.ca website.]


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