Gluten Free Salon!

The release of Herbal Essences’ new 0% Gluten Formula, got me thinking about going to a beauty salon. Then, I started thinking about the shampoo, gels, nail polish and hair colour there which may or may not contain hidden wheat and/or gluten.

Needless to say, I didn’t want to go to the beauty parlour after thinking about that.

Hair salon wash basins

With the rise of Celiac disease in North America, along with the high rates of this condition in Finland, China, Italy and Northern India, it’s surprising that no salon has stepped up to the task of creating a completely gluten-free and wheat-free space for a growing clientele base.


So, if you’re thinking of opening a beauty salon (or if you already own one), I’ve compiled a list of tips to get you started:


Refer to my post on gluten-free Canadian cosmetics brands for information on gluten-free makeup in Canada.

2)Hand care:

Visit Pure Anada for some gluten-free nail polish, makeup brush cleaner, polish remover and hand wash. Head on over to Green Beaver for hand and face lotion and castile soap.


For eye makeup remover, visit Green Beaver, again. In addition, Physicians’ Formula makes some gluten-free products, (just be sure to double check with the company on which ones they are).


If you’re thinking about advertising; be sure to pay for a space in Allergic Living, Canadian Celiac Magazine, Celiac eNews, Gluten-Free Living or Beyond Celiac’s Monthly Newsletter to make sure that as many Celiacs and wheat-free people as possible will hear about your business.

5)Hair care:

As mentioned above, Herbal Essences has released a no gluten line of products. There are many other brands that are gluten-free. Seriously, just go to your local drug mart, Organic supermarket, Winners or local grocery store… you’ll find tons of gluten-free soaps and hair products.

6)Hair colour:

After digging around online, I found one safe gluten-free brand which is Eco Colors.

7)Hair gel:

For men, there’s a brand called Malechemy -for men- and Magick Botanicals for those wishing to remain gender neutral. (Magick sells hair gel and other hair products by the gallon with Hair Salons in mind).

And before signing off, I would like to remind readers, as always, to keep it gluten-free!

[Please note that all images in this post come from Wikimedia Commons.]


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