Gluten-Free Menstruation!

[Please be advised, the following post contains period subject matter. Sensitive readers are encouraged to find another post to read.]



I know what you’re going to say… You’re going to tell me that there isn’t gluten in pads  or tampons and that my insisting that menstruation be gluten-free is going a step too far.

Au contraire, mon ami, au contraire.

In fact, when I stopped using regular pads and switched to gluten-free ones, I didn’t experience as much burning, itching and UTIs.

So, I’ve created a list of places, for period-suffering gluten-free folk that will make menstruation more comfortable. (Please note, I have tried all of these products except for Thinx. If you are a company or business that has gluten-free period products, please contact me and I will add you to this list.)

1)Seventh Generation: If you like using pads, but have a heavier period, this company’s pads are the way to go. All their menstrual products -pads and tampons- are gluten-free (according to an email I got from the company.) Just make sure to double check their gluten-free status before you buy.

2)Natracare : All products are gluten-free, according to an email I received from the company. (You may wish to email the company to confirm this is still the case). Their pads are better for those with lighter periods. They offer tampons as well.

3)THINKX: According to this US-based company, their period panties are gluten-free. This company also offers cool period merchandise and tampons (though I don’t know if the tampons are gluten-free.) These panties are better for those with lighter periods and they ship to Canada and the USA.

4)Revol Girl Lingerie : Offers gluten-free period panties and the company won’t hesitate to make the panties a little wider in the back, if you need it. These panties are better for those with heavier periods. Ships to Canada and the USA. Also available on Etsy. (Full disclosure: I got a pair of free panties from this company and the business’ owner is my penpal.)

5)Diva Cup: This Canadian company makes gluten-free silicone menstrual cups in two sizes. (If your pelvic muscles are weaker, you may want to take the larger size, size 2.) Please note, while Diva Cups are gluten-free, the company’s Diva Wash is not. Use some Seventh Generation dish soap instead.

[Please note that all images used in this post are from Wikimedia Commons.]


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