Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP)

Calling all hotels, restaurants, bakeries, kitchens, mall food courts, bed & breakfasts, college and university dining halls everywhere…

So, you claim you serve gluten-free meals? Or, do you claim you’re 100% gluten-free?

Prove it.

I present to you the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP for short). According to their website, it has been created to help food-serving establishments safely prepare gluten-free foods, to regulate restaurant claims, to prevent Celiacs from getting sick and help the gluten-free customer avoid unsafe establishments.

A program like this is vital for the gluten-free community. For the reluctant business owner, the program’s website offers a chart explaining the financial benefits that come with being certified by their program.

I’ve been to the organization’s Facebook page, and there are quite a few bakeries and restaurants that have completed their food certification already. I also emailed a member of the program and he told me that Riz on Yonge in Toronto was going to be certified by them as well. According to the GF-FINDER on their site, Carleton University and the University of Toronto Mississauga have also opened 100% gluten-free food stalls with the help of this program.

The December 2017 edition of the CCA eNews told members to email the program the names of establishments they wanted verified. The GFFP’s contact information can be found at the following page:

To all of those that are thinking of opening their own restaurant, bakery or food stall, I would like to ask you to consider those in the gluten-free community. Considering the amount of people who have developed Celiac disease, it would be a wise investment to consider the merits of making your business completely gluten-free. For more information on the above statement, please consult the two following articles:–81377/

(Note: the image used in this post is not my own, it is from WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.)


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