Upper Canada Mall (Newmarket) – Review:

The Upper Canada Mall has a lot to offer to Celiacs, those with gluten sensitivity and those who suffer from an intolerance to wheat.

Firstly, the food court on the second floor has a New York Fries. New York Fries offers gluten-free poutines and fries; however, please keep in mind that there are a lot of gluten-containing condiments and items open and around your order, so if you have a very strong sensitivity or if you have Celiac disease, please pack a lunch for yourself instead! (In addition, please consult their allergen guide [here].)

But don’t be discouraged, for right next to the food court is a store called “Good Health Store” which has gluten-free make-up, toothpaste, lip balm and sunscreen, lotion, hand sanitizer, protein bars, gum and protein powder.

Walk towards the East -past the Banana Republic- and you’ll find a Sephora. I have to tell you I came into this place with zero expectations, but much to my surprise, I was proven wrong. The staff at Sephora are not only knowledgeable about gluten-free needs, but they have voluntarily compiled a store list of products that don’t contain gluten or that are gluten-free.


There is also a GNC on the top floor which sells gluten-free protein bars and protein powder.

If you go down to the first floor, head to Boathouse, which has Sun Bum Sunscreen. Please note, according to the company, all Sun Bum products are gluten-free except for those in the signature line.

[For any other allergen or gluten-free inquiries, please contact the company.]

Next, head to Shoppers Drug Mart where you can find krave jerky (I believe the package said it may contain wheat, so tread with caution), free2b snack breaks -which are free of the top allergens and would make perfect back-to-school snacks-, Delecto Canadian Classics (candy), chips and other snack foods. The last time I was there, Shoppers had Sun Bum products on sale, so please call the store to check for prices and availability).

IMG_1240 (2)

IMG_1257 (2)

There is also a Starbucks on the bottom level, which offers honey bars, kind bars and apple chips. I also noticed some Kind Bars at the Sheffield and Sons tabacconists.


On a slightly grimmer note, there is an import candy store in the mall called Sugar Mountain. Now you’d think that they’d probably have a few gluten-free options, right?


Wrong. In the entire store, the only sound Celiac-friendly option was a bag of Chimes Ginger Chews.

I can’t make this stuff up, people.

All in all, the mall has some good snack options. However, (much like my review of Vaughan Mills), I hope that Upper Canada will invite a gluten-free or allergen-free bakery, snack stand or restaurant to set up shop there.


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