Vaughan, ON, Part 1: Sorelle and Co. – Review

If you have allergies, food intolerances or Celiac disease, you know how difficult it can be to dine out. Where can you go where you won’t get sick or be rushed to the hospital? Well, now your prayers have been answered. There exists a bakery at 1050 Rutherford Rd. where there is no dairy, nuts, eggs, sesame or gluten in sight. I’m talking about the chic and highly instagrammable Sorelle and Co.


The minute I walk through the front doors of this place (or through the accessible entrance which is located to the left of the building), I immediately feel a sense of deep calm and peace. Then, I’m struck by the mock-crystal chandeliers and the rococo décor that makes me feel like I’m royalty. Here, I’m not a bother, I’m not a difficult customer, I’m a human being surrounded by staff and management who understand my dietary needs. There’s no confusion when it comes to the menu. Everything is safe. EVERYTHING. I can eat what I want and how much I want without fear. I don’t have to ask any questions as the kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free space.


The staff are beyond compassionate and are eager to help customers and make suggestions about what to order. With that in mind, I place my order at the counter and ask for them to hold on to my kombucha while I go wash my hands in the bathroom.


And what a bathroom! It’s probably the cleanest I’ve ever seen. There’s a change table for parents, printed napkins to dry your hands with and a giant mirror. There are two single washrooms and one of them is larger than the other (making it perfect for those with wheelchairs, canes and walkers).


Not only are there treats on the menu, but lunch items such as pasta, a square of lasagna, a mushroom burger, two types of grilled cheese, one meaty vegetable panini, soups, salads, tacos and latkes. In addition, if you like their bread, you can take home a few different varieties. The Sorelle and Co. website notes that the shop serves a high tea from 3-6 pm which is $40 per person and that there is a private room you can reserve on the second floor. Also, you can have the option of ordering custom cakes from the bakery. They used to offer pre-made cakes for pick-up on the week-end, but I’m not sure if they’ve changed that option. (It might be a good idea to call the bakery if you’re interested.)

I’ve had two lunches at Sorelle and Co. While I was not a fan of the vegetable grilled cheese, I would definitely recommend the vegetable panini which is densely packed with daiya “cheese”, zucchini, eggplant and red peppers (which also comes with a petite salad).  For an appetizer, try the latkes, (while they are not the deep-fried greasy wonders you’d expect, they are soft and delicious and they are served with an amazing sauce.)


If there is one treat to try at Sorelle and Co. (which I can’t find in any other gluten-free bakery), it would have to be the donuts. Pick a flavour: cinnamon sugar, chocolate crinkle, raspberry chocolate, blueberry, cherry chocolate… All are amazing and totally worth it. Just think, somewhere out there, there is a gluten-free donut with your name on it. And the nanaimo bars. You’ll want a few of those too…


All that being said, remember how I said they were soy-free. Well, their food is. Unfortunately, if you stand at the lunch counter and turn around you will see a jug of soy milk. So, if anyone has a severe soy allergy, please be advised that this may not be the place for you…

Allergen alert! In case you didn’t read the above statement, Sorelle and Co. keeps a jug of soy milk on the side for customers. In addition, they do use coconut in the kitchen. For any additional allergen inquiries or concerns, call the bakery.

Dietary alert! The shop is entirely vegan. For any other dietary inquiries (kosher, halal etc.) please contact the bakery.  

Transit information: In order to get from York Region to Sorelle and Co., the quickest route is to take the Barrie GO train to the Rutherford GO station. Once you get to Rutherford, walk five minutes to take the 85 YRT Bus (Eastbound) from either the Rutherford GO station stop or the stop called “Rutherford Rd/Westburne Dr.” to get to the stop “Rutherford Rd/Thornhill Woods Dr.” When you get off at this stop, Sorelle and Co. will be on the other side of the street.

On another note, you can not only take the 85 to Sorelle and Co., but you can also take it to get to Vaughan Mills Mall and to Canada’s Wonderland (if you head westbound). The mall will be the subject of my next post, so stay tuned!


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