Around My Gluten-Free Table – Review

Unfortunately, most of the restaurants and fast food chains in York Region don’t make gluten-free eating a priority. While there may be gluten-free options listed, don’t be fooled: the servers don’t understand what it means, the chefs don’t have enough space to prepare food safely and every meal -whether gluten-filled or non- gets baked in the same oven at close proximity. (Take my advice, don’t chance it!)

That’s why for my blog, I not only concentrate on eateries in York Region, but also those that closely border it. After all, if you can’t get something ready-to-eat five minutes from your house -like most people- what’s a 60 minute drive?


Luckily, there is a bakery in Barrie, ON called “Around My Gluten-Free Table” with a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. Started by a woman whose husband has Celiac disease, the bakery boasts an extensive selection of baked goods, including pies, cinnamon buns, muffins and tarts!  (My personal favorites are the butter tarts and the Morning Glory muffins.)


In addition, the bakery offers frozen lasagnas, soups, pierogies and chicken pot pies. (Note: for those who have problems with dairy and or/lactose, they keep a dairy-free version of the chicken pot pies in the back.)


I’ve had the lasagna and the dairy-free chicken pot pie (both of which I highly recommend!) I did try the mac and cheese, but I found it was not as creamy as I would have liked…

There are also gluten-free pantry staples, kombucha and take-away items like salads, chicken parmigiana and eggplant.

Word to the wise, if you want something in particular, order it in advance as most of the prepared foods will be gone by the end of the week.

If the idea of driving up to Barrie to visit one bakery sounds like a waste of time and money, I have some good news for you. Barrie boasts an amazing waterfront with a beach and a splash pad that kids will love! If you’ll be driving up in the colder months, Barrie offers skiing and snow tubing in the nearby hills.



Allergy alert! The bakery uses eggs, tree nuts and dairy in its products. For any other allergy inquiries, please contact the bakery itself. 

Dietary alert! While the bakery has many vegetarian, dairy-free and lactose-free options, it has little to no vegan options. 

Transit to and from the Barrie waterfront is available through GO Transit (by taking the Barrie train north on weekends or by taking the Barrie bus from the Newmarket GO Bus terminal.)



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